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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Prayers needed for 3-month old neighbor

I would like to ask everyone to please pray for my 3-month old neighbor boy. He was born with downs syndrome and had a major heart defect. He was missing some of the walls in the chambers of his heart. He had his first surgery today with complications. First there was a bleed where there was a hole where the repair was not quite caught, then when they went to repair that they poked a hole in the back side of his heart, after that they went to take him off by-pass as due to the length of time he was in surgery and the extent of the problems his heart would not beat on it's own (left ventricle would not work) they put him on temp by-pass for up to 72 hrs, Then this evening he developed another bleed and they had to go back in and do more repair. He is in VERY CRITICAL condition. Please say a pray or prayers for Keegan and his family. I have his bigger sister who is 4 and she also is having a hard time with him and her mom and dad gone. This family can use every prayer that can be sent up for them.
Thank you.

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  1. Praying for the little one! My heart goes out to all of them.