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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Productive From My Sick Bed

Well I've been down with the respiratory crud. I finally gave in a went to the Dr. today. I have been dealing with this since about 1 1/2 weeks before Christmas. I have a very very bad sinus infection, bad asthma flare up, bronchitis and maybe some pleurisy starting. 4 prescriptions later I hope I start feeling better soon.
Since being sick I have managed to get a Mobius Knitted Scarf and 6 knitted dishrags done. I have another Mobius Scarf I've started for a friend (had an extra skein left over).  Not much else to do while crashing on the couch and not feeling like doing anything else.
Hopefully I will have the energy to sew some binding on a few quilt projects and some that I'm binding for a friend. Then I can sit around and do the whip stitching on those. And since they take up alot more room in my UFO (UnFinished Objects) pile of my sewing room that would be nice.

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