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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Charm Squares and Cleaning Sewing Room

This afternoon I went and bought a few new storage containers and started on my sewing room, AGAIN!
As I was going through my fabrics ( the smaller cuts ) I pressed and cut charm squares that I'm needing for 2 of my quilt guilds. I was cutting for 2 because I'm cutting for a friend also.... I have a schedule for both for the rest of the year so I have a basket and made baggies for each month and as I run across a fitting fabric I cut and put it in the proper place. I wish I was this organized with everything else in my life.
Both guilds are having Pat Speth classes but over 6 months apart. I'm only taking classes at one of them though. So some of the charms are for that and the others are for a couple of charm square projects the other guild will be doing this year.
Well now I'm going to relax and read some blogs before calling it a night.
Good night all!

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