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Friday, November 5, 2010

Organizing My Sewing Room

I think I have come up with my master organizational plan for my sewing room.
Now I know that my plan will have to be
adjusted as I put it into effect.

I will give you my first few ideas and would
love to hear your hints or warning on
what has worked or not worked for you.

Fabric - all fabric on left side of my room,
which would include a closet and bookcase.

1. Closet
         I have bins for sorting scraps into
             colorways and themes.
         All batting on upper closet shelf.
         Tubs for flannel.
         Quilt tops to be quilted.
 2.  Bookcase
          Pre-cuts such as charm squares ect.
          Plastic totes or bags with kits divided
               into the following groups
          Ready to sew kits-I've already gotten the
               pattern, fabrics and supplies completely
               together and all initial cutting done.
          Complete kits- Pattern and all fabrics
               and supplies together.
          Kits in Progress-Pattern and any fabric
               and or supplies I have started to gather
               in a with shopping list on what is still
               needed. It will be ready to go when
               I hear the words "ROAD TRIP".

3. Cutting Station-On back wall between bookcases.
           Cutting Table with mat
           Ruller Racks-both table and wall models.

4. Bookcase
I will also put other craft supplies such as knitting,
counted cross ect in some sort of organized system 
and add them to the extra spots on pattern/books
bookshelf and also under the cutting station.

I know I have to still organize my ironing and sewing
areas but I think this may be the best place to start.

Well what do you think?

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